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Monday, September 29, 2008

Mehndi Indian Parties | Bridal Henna Designs

The mehndi (henna) party is an important ceremony that occurs before the actual wedding day. During the henna party, henna designs are done on the palms of the hands and feet of the bride. The actual application of the henna can take anyway from 1.5 to 3 hours depending on the type of designs being applied. The more elaborate and intricate the designs, the longer it takes.

In some Indian Muslim communities, the name of the groom is incorporated into the henna design of the bride, a practice that is similar to other Muslim cultures elsewhere.

While the bride is having her henna done, female guests (usually her close female relatives and friends) will perform dances and sing as entertainment. Traditionally, this is an event that are attended by only the females, but in some modern Indian families, men are also invited to the activities.

The henna designs signifies the strength of love in the future marriage, so the bride makes an effort to keep it on as long as possible. The henna artist will used special ingredients that will enhance the longevity of the henna designs - it is possible for the designs to last for over three weeks after being applied.

While the main henna artist is doing the work on the bride, henna assistants will usually do simple designs for the female guests. The henna party ends with friends and family sitting down to a lavish dinner.

Here are some beautiful henna bridal designs we have come across. Hope you are well inspired by them.

Moroccan Inspired Henna Designs

We showcase below a few pictures on Moroccan henna designs. The Moroccan henna designs are more geometric in focus rather than floral based, and such henna designs can be a unique design for Indian brides wanting something special for themselves. The moroccan powder used gives a vibrant red stain, as seen in the th fourth picture below.

Photos By Darcitananda

Photos By Kenzilicious

Photo By Karen

Photo By Henna Sooq

Photo By Borediq
Moroccan bride getting her henna (mehndi) done during the Night of Henna party prior to her wedding. The henna is supposedly meant to ward off evil spirits and increase fertility.

Traditional Indian Henna Designs

Indian henna designs have more of a floral focus (or sometimes also feature animals like birds) as shown in the pictures below. Empahsis is placed on intricate, elaborate and inter-connecting designs.

Photo By Henna Conference

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