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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bridal Beauty Tips | Facial Cosmetic Procedure

Juvederm Smooth Dermal Fillers

I read with much interest about modern brides getting quick facial fixes at the dermatologist or plastic surgeon's office before their wedding day. Apparently, the procedure most favored is the Botox injection.

However, it seems to me that the Botox procedure is much better suited for older brides (35 and above) with more pronounced wrinkles. Botox works by paralysing the facial muscles where it is injected into. It also blocks by blocking the connection between facial muscles and the facial nerves. Botox is supposed to be safe, but it has really been around for less than 20 years. We are not fully sure if there are any long-term effects on people who frequently used Botox.

After all, Botox involves the injection of botulinum toxins, and there have been some reports that suggested that the neurotoxin “can move from its injection site to the brain”. Sounds pretty scary.

This is why I decided to do some research in this cosmetic industry to try and find out what other procedures there might be for brides wanting a quick facial fix.

I found out about Juvederm - a injectable smooth demal filler that mimics what is already naturally available in the skin.

When we age, we lose firmess (through fat loss) in our skin; this leads us to have a droopy effect. In the face, we get those "parentheses" around the naso-labial area. The skin loses stucture and volume, forming lines and wrinkles.

Juverderm corrects this by injecting materials called "demal fillers" into the skin, to achieve a temporary effect on smoothness. The dermal filler used in Juvederm is called hyaluronic acid (HA).

HA is a natural complex sugar found in all living cells, and one of the major components of the skin tissue. HA retains water and hydrates the skin to increase volume and density.

Since Juvederm uses a naturally occuuring substance that is already present in the skin, this is a safe procedure that has no advserse long-term effects. The benefits from the procedure though are temporary, lasting anywhere from 6 months to a year.

Still, this might be the better and safer option for brides looking for a quick facial fix before their wedding date.


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